Visualization of Natural Relationship of Grahas

It is a common practice to teach the natural relationships of the grahas showing the data in a table.

Planet Friends Neutral Enemies
Sun Moon, Mars, Jupiter Mercury Venus, Saturn
Moon Sun, Mercury Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn
Mars Sun, Moon, Jupiter Venus, Saturn Mercury
Mercury Sun, Venus Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Moon
Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars Saturn Mercury, Venus
Venus Mercury, Saturn Mars, Jupiter Sun, Moon
Saturn Mercury, Venus Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars

In my opinion, it is difficult to extract relevant information out of this tabular data.

On the other hand, one can look at the same data as a graphic and come to interesting conclusions.Jyotish Natural Relationship of  Grahas.jpg

For example: the Sun, Jupiter and Mars form a group of buddies.

Do you see other interesting relationships? Please comment.



  1. this is very cool Jean Pierre Chauny…Thank you! I see a little glitch perhaps tho…The red arrow from Bud to Kuja – should it not b3e the read arrow from Mars to Bud as Mars does not like Bud but Bud is neutral to Mars?
    Same with MO and SA …non -mutural as MOON like everyone but Shani does not like MO so red arrow should go from SA to MOON…unless I am misreading your very nice diagram..


    1. Mercury is enemy to Mars. If Mercury is conjuct with Mars or Mercury aspects Mars, then Mars gets afflicted. On the other side, Mars is neutral to Mercury, that’s the reason why there is no arrow from Mars to Mercury.
      The direction of the arrows is a matter of convention.
      You can read the graphic like this:
      A graha “shoots” red arrows to their enemies.
      A graha offers help to their friends, this help “flows” in the direction of the green arrows.

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  2. Hi,
    I am trying to understand your diagram and got confused? If Moon has no animosity /consider no one enemy then how come there are three arrows shooting our from Moon to Venus, Saturn and Mercury? Am I reading this right?


    1. Hi,
      The moon has no enemies. This means that there are no planets that are mean to the moon in respect to natural relationships. So there are no red arrows pointing to the moon. But the moon is enemy to Saturn, Venus and Mercury. So there are three red arrows pointing from the Moon to these 3 planets.


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