Visualization of Natural Relationship of Grahas

It is a common practice to teach the natural relationships of the grahas showing the data in a table.

Planet Friends Neutral Enemies
Sun Moon, Mars, Jupiter Mercury Venus, Saturn
Moon Sun, Mercury Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn
Mars Sun, Moon, Jupiter Venus, Saturn Mercury
Mercury Sun, Venus Mars, Jupiter, Saturn Moon
Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars Saturn Mercury, Venus
Venus Mercury, Saturn Mars, Jupiter Sun, Moon
Saturn Mercury, Venus Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars

In my opinion, it is difficult to extract relevant information out of this tabular data.

On the other hand, one can look at the same data as a graphic and come to interesting conclusions.Jyotish Natural Relationship of  Grahas.jpg

For example: the Sun, Jupiter and Mars form a group of buddies.

Do you see other interesting relationships? Please comment.


Debates about astrology techniques?

Recently I was following some debates in the social networks about astrology techniques. It was impressive to observe a large group of intelligent people defending their techniques and trying to disqualify the opponent’s ones.

In my humble opinion, the fundamental question, regarding astrology, that must be answered first and before any technical debates, is about the ethical and spiritual service that an astrologer must provide to the society.

What is the most important task that an astrologer must accomplish?

What are the duties of an astrologer?

I think that, the most important service, an astrologer must provide, is to teach his customers the mechanisms of karma, without interfering with the person’s destiny, so that they can make informed decisions in their lives and feel responsible for the fruits of their good or bad deeds.

In this regard, making use of this powerful science to make accurate predictions or describe private behavior of the native, serves primarily to get a short but necessary window of attention and openness of mind, to create the conditions so that the teachings about the mechanisms of karma are received and understood. On the other hand, if an astrologer only uses predictions to recommend courses of action and influences the client then he will get trapped in the webs of karma because of having interfered with the destiny, and this is not desired.

Having said that, and coming back to the debates, I think that the astrology system that is used is less important than being accurate enough to create the mentioned window of attention. If the system used doesn’t work then the customer will not believe in his counselor, will perceive the low quality of the service and the principles of marketing will apply. This failure will not only punish the business of the failing astrologer but also it will discredit the whole astrology as a discipline. This is the reason why having accurate astrology systems is in the interest of all astrologers in the world.

On the other hand, and looking at astrology as a science, respectful, constructive and logical debates are interesting and necessary to construct and enrich the theoretical aspects of this discipline, but are useless to test their capacity to describe correctly the reality. To test if a theoretical construction is valid the astrology experts must conduct serious scientific studies, using statistical analysis, as used for example in the field of psychology, to prove their hypothesis.